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We're dedicated to crafting gender-neutral clothing styles for your kiddos that simplify your daily routine, making more room for play and fun in your life. All of our styles are intentionally designed to be effortlessly match and also mix-and-match allowing you to create a variety of stylish and comfortable looks for your little ones.

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Testimonials 01/04

"Inti keeps our babe looking great with the best neutrals that are perfect for any day. Great quality products!"

- Taylor Cook

Testimonials 02/04

" Absolutely in love!! My baby girl seems so comfy and it's just a really cute outfit!"

- C.K.

Testimonials 03/04

"The Fleece Sweatsuit is so comfy and perfect for winter."

- Lauren

Testimonials 04/04

"Purchased a jacket for my godson from them. Cutest thing ever!! Softest materials and super fly designs."

- Fa-Si

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Time with our little ones is the most precious of all.

That’s why we don’t want to waste any more of it trying to match clothes together. With our variety of options that always work well together, the guesswork is cut down - leaving more time for what truly matters: playtime, cuddles, and creating lasting memories.

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