Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy Journey

Im currently expecting my fourth child, and Ive chosen to take a different approach this time around. Im determined to enjoy my pregnancy and not let it be a source of stress or worry. Ive come to accept that this is part of the process and that its beautiful and painful, and that it will be different for everyone.

Every pregnancy brings with it different emotions and physical changes. Im determined to focus on the beauty of it all and to remind myself that this is only a short period in my life. Im taking the time to enjoy my body and its abilities, even if it doesnt look or feel the same as it did pre-pregnancy. Im embracing the fact that Im growing a human and that Im a vessel of life.

My journey has been a roller coaster of emotions and physical changes. One minute Im feeling energized, ready to take on the world and the next minute Im feeling completely exhausted and overwhelmed. Im learning to embrace these changes and to understand that each day is different and thats okay.


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